Tobacco Cutters and Parts

tobacco-cutters-and-partsAs experienced machine knife manufacturers the Sheffield based engineering company Jaco Tooling are experts in the manufacture of replacement blades and parts to industrial tobacco cutting machinery.

Known as “Primary” processing, it sees the tobacco leaves forced into the path of a high speed rotating drum which houses the cutting knives and the auxiliary parts in which we specialise. Produced mainly from tool steel or stainlees steel, all these parts are manufactured to exacting standards which enables them to withstand the extreme stress caused by the speed of the machine and the nature of the material being processed.

Some parts include :-

  • Cutting Strips
  • Lining Strips
  • Renewable Faces
  • Cutting Bed Caps
  • Grippers and Gripper Inserts
  • Cavity Bars
  • Cutting Beds
  • Support Plates

Please contact us for any further information on our machine knives and parts for industrial tobacco cutters.