Machine Knives and Slitters

As an experienced machine knife manufacturer based in Sheffield, the home of the knife and steel industry, Jaco Tooling have the skill and expertise to engineer almost any type of knife for your machine.

Top Slitters

Top Dish Knives

Top Knife Holders

Split Top Knives

Carpet Knives (Sheard)

Single Edge Bottom Knives

Double Edge Bottom Knives

Split Bottom Knives

Bottom Bell Cutters

T-Band Bottom Knives

Crush Cutters

Crush Cut Sleeves/Anvils

Multi-Knife Blocks

Split Multi-Knife Blocks

Razor Knife Blocks

Inlaid Tungsten Carbide Cutters

Hydraulic Hose Cutters



Lightweight Aluminium Spacers

Straight Knives

Knurled Embossing Wheels

Liner Plates

Cable Strippers

Custom and Bespoke Knife Manufacture

If you need a knife but cannot find it here please contact us with your enquiry and we will be only too happy to try to help. A set of dimensions and a simple sketch is usually enough for us to get started.


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Handy Machine Knife translation table

Multi knife blockMesserbüchseBague de coupe
Razor blockRasier klingen-NutbücsheBague rainuree pour lame rasoir
Top KnifeObermesserCouteau plat
Top Dish KnifeHohlkreismesserCouteau assiette
Top Knife HolderObermesserhalterPorte-couteau
Bottom KnifeUntermesserContre-couteau
Knife SpacerZwischenringEntretoise
Crush CutterQuetschschnittMolette d’ecrasement
Crush Cut Sleeve Quetschschnitt SchneidbüchseBague traitée